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DJ Meliodas
The Person Behind the Music
Sit vobis sanus, beatus, et totum honestam vestris per vitam.
Paul Benitez (DJ Meliodas) is not just a house DJ, he is an experience. He is a state of mind. He is the transporter of minds and souls to an amazing frantic paradise that, while leaving you knackered, strangely also leaves you feeling re-invigorated. 
His confident appearance is matched by his masterful control of a good mixing deck. To watch Paul DJ is part of the Meliodas experience. Cocky? Perhaps, but certainly not arrogant, Meliodas is now in control of the minds and bodies of his audience. A very precise and confident body language gives a visual indication to what he is playing as he acts out each track. Yet, he is not dancing; this is something far more emotional. Forceful, dominant, aggressive yet somehow tender and caring. The visual impact allows your body to further immerse itself in the ecstasy he is submitting you to; your ears alone cannot possibly absorb everything that he is throwing at you. 
As for his sound, imagine every track as a partially completed canvas. Through the use of effects on the mixing deck, Paul adds his own colour, texture and feel as he maximises every beat of every track to create the unique Meliodus sound. His precision mixing at incalculable speeds is part of the show; as each track mixes in you can positively feel the dance-floor going up a notch to keep up with the frantic and energetic DJ that has them all by the balls. 
Combining his technical skills with innovative performances, DJ Meliodus never shies away from showcasing his virtuosity as an experienced DJ. Here you’ll find a collection of his videos; from performances and festival appearances to music videos and behind-the-scenes interviews. Take a look and join DJ Meliodus on their sonic journey.
Nihil est--in vita priore ego imperator Romanus fui.
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